22nd September 2024
Winchester, Hampshire
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Winchester Half Marathon

Frequently Asked Questions

22nd September 2024


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Winchester Half Marathon FAQs

How can I find Information about the day
Where does the route go?
  • The Winchester Half Marathon is a very scenic route through the idyllic setting of the countryside that takes in landmarks such as St Catherine’s Hill, Winchester Cathedral and King Alfred the Great.

    For more route information, you can access the full official routes on Strava!

    Half Marathon -
Where should I go when I arrive?

The race village is within the city and outside Winchester Guildhall, head towards here to get ready to race!

What time does the race start?

The Half Marathon Race will start at 09:00am.

What time do I need to get there?
  • We recommend you aim to be on site at least 1 hour before the official start time.

    There will be queues for parking and toilets, so it is best to be prepared! We also have interactive areas in our race village, an exciting day lies ahead!
What happens if I am late on the day and miss the start?
  • The races will start at 09:00am sharp.

    We advise you aim to be in the Start area a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start. Also plan to have an extra 30 minutes to your normal journey time due to road closures.

    Once the last runner from the timing pens crosses the start line that is it, as we have to get the roads re-opened quickly.
Where is the nearest train station?
Is there parking available near the start?
Can I wear earphones or use an iPod etc?
  • If you are not competing for a podium place then you are allowed to wear earphones. If however, you are aiming to be one of the fastest runners in your event then the Race Rules (UKA and BARR) do not allow the use of earphones and you may be disqualified.

    It is VITAL to note that while this is a closed roads race, we strongly recommend that you have 1 earbud out at all times so that you can hear the marshal directions, as well as awareness of other runners around you.
If I am ill, injured, or unable to run, what can I do?
  • If you volunteer to marshal at the event instead we will postpone your entry to next year! If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch with

    Otherwise, contact us as soon as possible and we will help in whichever way we can.
What do I do if I have a medical issue?
  • Please ensure that you have updated all your medical information on your registration form.

    Please contact us on if this is something we need to be aware of before race day.

    On event day our medical team will be on site to deal with any issues!
Where can I put my bag/and or clothing that I don’t want during the race?
  • We will have a bag drop available in the race village.
How many pacers are there and where can I find them?
  • We will have pacers and they will be wearing a bright coloured t-shirt with the time on so you won't miss them!
Where are the water stations on the route?
  • There will be 4 Water Stations on the Half Marathon route.

    These will be located as follows:
    Water Station 1= Sarum Road (at the end by the big tree!)
    Water Station 2= Kings Head Pub Car Park, Hursley
    Water Station 3= Oliver’s Battery Shops
    Water Station 4= Garnier Road Car Park

    There will be water served on the stations, with only one station serving gels - should you require extra, please bring any gels, nutrition or sports drinks with you.
Are there toilets/showers on route?
  • There are lots of toilets located around the Race Village area.

    There will be further toilets around the course at every water stop.

    There are no showering facilities available on the route.

Registration FAQs

How do I enter the event?
  • You can sign up to the Winchester Half Marathon here: Sign up here
What is the last date for entries?

Entries for 2024 are set to close on the 18th of September 2024

Can we defer our entry?
  • Under our T&C's, there is no refunds or deferrals however you can transfer your place to someone else using your event portal until 18th September 2024.
What if I need to change my address?
  • Please log back into your event portal using your email address and password you supplied and amend your details.

    If you have any issues with this please email and our team can help you!
What happens if I have lost my password or can’t log in to Eventrac?
Can I swap my place with a friend?
  • You can do this up until 18th September 2024.
When will my race pack arrive?
  • If you have signed up before the 25th September your race pack will arrive from the 9th of September. If you have signed up after the 25th September then you will need to collect your Race Pack from Race Village on Race Day.

    Please do not report a missing race pack until the 18th of September.
What do I do if I haven’t received my race pack?
  • If you have not received your pack by 18th September please email  with the title RACE PACK and your name and the address you expected the pack to be delivered to and we can arrange for the new pack to be available at the Info/Race Pack desk in the Race Village on the day.
How do I enter a corporate team?
  • We have Team Packages available if you would like to enter a corporate team.

    Please get in touch with our team on to find out more.
Are there any entries on the day?
  • It is unlikely that there will still be spaces left on the day.

    Sign up quickly to avoid disappointment.
Where is the chip in the race pack?
  • The chip is fixed to the rear of the race number.
What is the QR code on the front of the race number for?
  • The QR code is to help track all your photos via Sussex Sport Photography which will be available through our website after the race for FREE!

Finisher FAQs

Do I get a medal?
  • Of course! And what a medal it is too!

    All Finishers across the Finish line will pick up a medal as they go through the Finish Gantry and into the Finish Distribution area outside Winchester Guildhall.

    There will also be medal discounts available from many local businesses.
Where do I get my t-shirt from?

All Finishers that have purchased a t-shirt can pick this up as they cross the finish line. This will be marked on your bib number.

Will there be an awards ceremony?
  • Yes! There will be an awards ceremony which will happen on the Guildhall Steps by the finish distribution area at 11:30.

    There will be presentations, pictures and prizes awarded by the Mayor.
Where do I get my results?
  • All the Results will be available via our live results page - this will be live on the website closer to the event.
Will there be pictures of me running?
  • Yes, there will be! Each Race number has a barcode so you should be able to easily spot yourself. Photos will be available for FREE on our website after the event.

Spectator FAQs

Where is the best place to watch the race from?
  • Either along the streets to cheer the runners on, or you can watch the runners coming back in through the finish line outside Winchester Guildhall and along the high street.
Are there refreshments?

There will be no refreshments in the Race Village itself however the Race Village is based outside Winchester Guildhall and the surrounding areas are full of fantastic restaurants and cafes, so do make sure you take full advantage of all that Winchester has to offer!

Charities FAQs

How do I run for charity?
  • If you would like to run for one of our Charity partners please get in touch with them through the links on the charity page on the website.

    How about running for our Lead Local Charity? Please see charity pages for more information!
I want to run for charity but the charity I am running for isn’t listed on the website?

That is no worries!

You will need to enter through the general entry and then create your own fundraising page.

If you get in touch with the charity they will be able to provide you with some more information on fundraising.

How does a charity get involved in the event?

Volunteering FAQs

How do I become a volunteer?
  • We have many volunteer roles available for groups and individuals around the route and in race village!

    Please get in touch with for more information.
I am part of a community group/sports team and would like to volunteer what do I do?

Great news!

Please get in touch and our team can help you. We can offer a donation of £200 for groups of 20+